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Tekeze Hydro Electric Power Investigation, Ethiopia

The lack of natural resources and the high cost of imported fuels resulted in imposed blackouts in the nation. In order to mitigate the frequent power outages, Ethiopian Electric Power Corp explored the potential of hydropower generation along the Tekeze River. This project would ensure that residents have better access to light, heat, and water.

For this massive project, EEPCo contracted Minex Microtunneling to offer support in tunneling and excavation. This project was particularly difficult because of the slope of the ground, which made Minex the ideal partner.

This project began with the team cutting 1300 meters of access track into the mountainside with a slope of 50 and 80 degrees and a valley depth of over 300 meters to increase accessibility for exploratory drill slides. Minex built two exploratory tunnels, each 80 meters long, 2 meters wide and 2.2 meters high which were excavated by drilling and blasting.

Additionally, Minex was in charge of blasting more than 800 square meters of rock in order to stabilize the drilling platforms and was also tasked with the responsibility of shifting the exploratory drilling equipment between the drills.

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Minex Microtunneling

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