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What we do

  • Access tunnels, diversion channels, and micro tunneling activities
  • Soil structure/loose rock stabilization and underpinning
  • Grouting and shotcrete lining in tunnels and portals
  • Drilling and blasting
  • Plasma fragmentation
  • Seismometer-Tunnel and access roads in dangerous slopes of 50 to 80.

Innovative Micro Tunneling

The tunnels we build have always met three criteria: cost-effective, efficient, and reliable. Minex has invested in optimal technology for the construction of tunnels on all soil types. An intuitive utilization of space and cognizance that elasticity of land is “zero.”

Provision and installation of temporary ground support.

In settings where the ground has insufficient stand-up time, the following methods are utilized to allow the construction of the primary lining and the primary support.

  • Fore-poling
  • Rock bolts
  • Shotcrete
  • Steel sets

Primary Lining

This is the main structural component of the tunnel support system which is required to sustain the loads and deformations that the ground may induce during the tunnel’s intended working life. Minex has implemented the following practices depending on the tunnel requirements.

  • Installation of anchors, BRX mesh, and shotcrete
  • Installation of precast segment sets
  • Installation of steel sets and shotcrete application

Secondary Lining.

The secondary lining is the additional finish or aesthetic requirement that a tunnel can be subjected to based on the tunnel’s purpose. These include bore profiles, erosion and corrosion protection, and waterproofing.

Expert Techniques in Soil Stabilization

Minex has implemented various techniques to ensure the safest and most stable structures.

Soil nailing and anchoring

Minex has perfected the stabilization of ground through the installation of nails and anchors to effectively restrain structures including retaining walls, dams, bridge abutments and foundations for buildings. Minex has delved in-ground anchors (active anchorage) to prevent structural movement, typically transferring their load over a fixed length.


Gunite mix pneumatically propelled at high velocity into a surface and compacted at the same time, due to the force with the nozzle. It can be sprayed onto any type or shape of the surface, including vertical or overhead areas.


Pilling is a technique that is used to transfer the load to a deeper level than is possible with a traditional shallow foundation.


Pressure grouting of the ground to improve geo-materials or strengthen soil profile before tunneling. Minex also uses mechanized foundation grouting for stabilization in structures.

Gabions installations

In situations where the ground has some stability but the soil is prone to erosion, we install gabions to hold back the soil and protect land in flood zones.

Minex Consulting

Minex offers consultancy services and offers additional insights into tunneling.

  • Ventilation and confined space evaluation.
  • Civil engineering and mining tunnels.

There are two types of tunnels. Civil eng. Tunnels and mining tunnels. Minex mainly ventures in the former method of tunneling which are generally driven at relatively shallow depths by comparison to those situations involving minig tunnels. Civil engineering tunnels require higher tolerances in terms of the final tunnel profile and its ensuing stability.

Our Customers

Minex Microtunneling has had the privilege of working with government entities and large corporations to construct stable tunnels and related structures/solutions. Below are some of these clients.

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