Project Description

Moiben Dam, Kenya

The Ministry of Water Development and GTZ partnered to work on the Moiben Dam Construction Unit. Minex Microtunneling was a sub-contractor on this project and was tasked with the responsibility of building a tunnel that would cut into a steep mountainside and building a 210-meter long diversion channel. Minex executed this project in stages over a period of 12 months.


Minex implemented various techniques on this project: drilling, blasting, shotcrete and excavating. This project included the drilling and blasting of access tracks, the excavation of 30,000 cubic meters of various materials, installation of grouted rock dowels to stabilize the unstable cut slope and 2,500 cubic meters of shotcrete applied after the installation of wire mesh.

Project Details


1993 – 1994


Moiben Dam, Kenya


Minex Microtunneling

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