How does Plasma Fragmentation work?

You are probably wondering what Plasma Fragmentation is and how it works. Well, it is a spectacle! This technology breaks through the most difficult portions of ground within minutes. For this article, we will present a case study of the quarry at Donholm. The images and videos presented below demonstrate the different stages that have been recorded at this location. This entire process begins with the impact cells that are inserted within holes in the ground as the image demonstrates.

Once these cells are set in place according to the guidelines outlined, we move on to the next stage: protection. The impact cells are covered with a protective material before being initiated. The video below demonstrates how this technology comes in handy in the disintegration of rock.

Consider all the human billable hours that this saves! This revolutionary technology has played a critical role in saving people time and money! Additionally, this device does not threaten the integrity of buildings because of its high frequency and its ability to break through so much more rock within a given time period in comparison to the use of explosives and blasting.