Is ROCK EXCAVATION affecting your project?

If you are constructing within cities or developed areas, it is evident that one of the critical limiting factors is a safe and workable solution in the efficient excavation in rock formations to build stronger foundations. Urban areas typically have taller buildings, which would require a stronger foundation. Additionally, excavation increases the overall cost of production because it is a time-consuming activity.

Minex has thought it through! The solutions we offer implement environmentally-friendly practices, safety measures, reduced cost of production, reduced construction period, and efficient solutions that mitigate the limitations of different types of ground.

Minex Microtunneling introduced rock fragmentation technology in Africa! We were the first construction company to implement the Electro Power Impactor. Together with Korea Accelerator and Plasma Research Association, Minex had the privilege of pioneering this technology in this region. With the technology proving to be economical and a faster way to address rock excavation, the government of Kenya has since accepted its use, which was a big win for the industry and its professions: engineering, mining, railways, roads, underground and urban construction.

This Electro Power Impactor is a clever technology that is used in breaking rocks, which exhibits all the qualities an investor seeks when handling a project: to implement a clean construction process in a timely manner. This technology uses a thermic process with low noise levels, simultaneous fragmentation with no flying particles and an output that is 8 to 10 times higher in comparison to hydraulic breaking.

Do you have an ongoing project that you would like us to consult on? Or are you thinking of kicking off a new one? We are here to help! Get in touch with us and we will offer you additional insight and solutions!