Pulse Plasma Rock Fragmentation Technology

The Future of rock breaking

Innovative ways of construction in the developed areas has been held back by limitation towards access of a pro-environment, safe and workable way to excavate efficiently on Rock formations which is necessary for stronger foundations for our high-rise projects.

Blasting is not allowed in urban and populated areas and thus developers have often been left with the option of conventional practices of excavation using jack hammers, hydraulic splitters, and chemical heating which other than being time consuming, has been eating deeper into the profitability of the endeavor.

The Dawn of Pulse Plasma Rock Fragmentation Technique

Using EPI.

Every investor, developer, builder et al are;

  • Looking for fast way to break rocks (Effective)
  • Cut down Production cost (Efficiency)
  • Pro – environment
  • Safety integrity and posterity
  • Utilization of lesser space with great output
  • Innovative way of job execution.

Finding all this qualities in a single equipment is a breakthrough in construction field and Minex having an eye to provide solutions and breakthroughs in construction field is presenting the dawn of Pulse Plasma Rock Breaker.

What EPI (PPRFT) Offers in contrast with Conventional Blasting


  • Uses gunpowder (prohibited product) gelenite
  • Thermal expansion process
  • Generates noise above 120dB
  • High vibration thus dangerous to adjacent facilities and services
  • Forms residue gases
  • Probability of misfire
  • A lot of flying particles
  • Pressure wave


  • Thermic process
  • Low noise level 65dB
  • Weak vibration
  • Simultaneous fragmentation thus zero chances of misfire
  • No flying particles
  • Output is 5 times hire per hole compared to hydraulic breaking

Characteristics of EPI

  • Pro – Environment, all new construction technology is advocating for Green Building technology
  • Safety; can be used in already established facilities and bring out measurable and realistic results
  • Workability; can be applied in many rock formations and still maintain high efficiency
  • Economical; cuts down on time and 2nd breaking, loading and work period
  • High technology; for the longest time, even in the digital error, there hasn’t been change in how rock has been cut or broken. It’s about time with the EPI.

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