Karl-Heinz Schnedl - Managing Director

Mr. Karl is a renowned Tunneling Expert having practiced in over ten countries in the World in over 32 years of experience. To many he is an inspiration, an enigma and most of all, a teacher who readily shares his knowledge and skills in tunneling.

Being among the first engineers tasked with the construction of the seven Forks dam in 1983, Mr. Karl with the team successfully completed the project which has become a landmark in HEP power generation in Kenya. Later He would participate in many other projects that has since been key references of construction in Kenya.

Mr. Karl would later on, with the intuition of utilizing underground space and moving construction a notch higher, introduce trenchless pipe laying machine in 1992 and become an enigma, where todays trenchless activities draw inspiration from.

Minex Micro Tunneling Now over 25 years has been a leader in the Trenchless industry and continues to exploit different fields of construction under the Leadership of Mr. Karl.

Hirut Ashenafi - Assistant Director

Madam Hirut, Peaceful and gentle, a great team leader versed with expertise in business development and financial management.

She has played a great role in leading the company in a financial direction that has seen Minex execute projects within its financial brackets and avoided risk that would otherwise, if unseen, cripple successful sequence of events in completion of projects.

She is well versed with business development and teaming up with the rest of the able team, we become a formidable force to reckon with in business acquisition.

Victor Momanyi - Consultant Project Manager

A dynamic and go-to person who exhibits competence in contemporary construction issues has built a reputation in the over 7 years of practice having played key roles in 4 mega-projects in Kenya.

Victor has, over time worked in managerial positions in the last 5 years and since assuming the position of Project manager (Consultant) has steered the company through rough waters and tough economic times with massive inputs from the directors, bringing about strong ethics of work, amiable work relations creating empowered manpower capital, which has contributed towards the company defining its niche and Vision.

Victor is a member of the BCRSP, IOSH, has an Entrepreneurship MBA, Member of KAPM and a QHSE Professional.

Our Vision

To be a leader in tunneling technology and increase our presence in all areas.

Our Mission

To modernize the alternate environments and intution of space utilization in underground ways and mold the future of transportation and transmission.

Completed Projects

OL Donyo Sabuk (Kenya) 1993
Moiben Dam 1993 - 1994(Kenya)
Moiben Dam Pipeline 1994 - 1995(Kenya)
NSSF Building(Kenya)
Mount Furi Tunnel 1996(Ethiopia)
Kitua Water Supply Project 1996 - 1997(Kenya)
Mille - Assabu Road 1996 - 1997 (Eritrea)
Tekeze Electric Power Investigation 1996 - 1997 (Ethiopia)
Gilgel Gibe Hydropower 1998 - 1999 (Ethiopia)
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Nairobi, Kenya.