Minex Micro Tunneling is a Certified Conventional Tunneling contractor in Kenya with over 25 years of experience.

We are capable of undertaking virtually all tunnels from but not limited to between 1m and 15 meters in diameter, channels, spillways in any area with major presence in east and eastern Africa.

History of Tunneling in Kenya

Tunneling activities was first brought in Kenya in the construction of the 7 Forks Dams in 1978 and in 1983, the first HEP (Kiambere Dam) was constructed under an earthed filled embankment with the Francis - Type turbines and power house being Constructed 4 km downstream at the end of the headrace tunnel.

Successfully, with one of the Engineers in Forks Dams establishing Minex, the company that would be first to Introduce Tunneling Technology in 1992 and be the underpinning cornerstone of Tunneling in Kenya Currently, Micro-tunneling, being the Most Accurate Pipeline Installation method, other types of services embraces micro-tunneling immensely improving efficiency, quality, space and time and being the Most Aesthetic aspect of Construction, It's the right choice to make for anyone with a touch of Efficacy.


Trenchless Procedures

Our Core Values

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